All-In-One ™ Lenses

At OptiEasy we are proud to be pioneers introducing a brand-new concept to the American market, the All-In-One  ™ Lenses. It combines all features needed for the modern customer, making it an easier presentation for the optical to sell in a simplified manner. The All-In-One ™ Lenses give your moden customer all the features needed in everyday without sacrificing one for another.

Single VisionProgressives

A Competitive Price

Selling Concept

For years Opticals have been selling their best available products to client the wrong way, as individual add-ons, one at a time. It’s not a surprise of why most patients choose to go with the simple or cheapest option: clear lenses with no add-ons.

We at OptiEasy have simplified the selling process to Opticals by providing an Easy-to-follow system and by offering the best possible lens option for clients at reasonable pricing on a great wide parameters option.

Our competitive price along with our great wide parameters options allow Opticals to feel confident when providing patients the best option at a great price.

Lens cost that Increases your Profit

No more concerns when offering good quality photochromatic lenses..

All-In-One ™ Lenses are:

  • 70% less than most Lab Photo Lenses
  • 40% less than Leading Photochromatic Brand Lenses
  • 30% less than similar stock lenses.


Our All-In-One ™ Lenses are available at a competitive price, better than any product customized to meet the same needs with other competitors, whether it is a stock lens or a made-to-order surfaced lens through our sister company, Our All-In-One ™ Finished Stock Lenses are available in Single Vision and on standard Progressives.

All-In-One ™ STOCK Lenses

Single Vision

Available Powers: -10.00 SPH to +6.00 , CYL 0.00 to -4.00 . Maximum Combined -10.00



Available Powers: -2.00 to +3.00 SPH , ADD 1.00 to 3.00

Main Features

Photochromatic Gray

Darken in the sun and adjust to the level of UV light, from clear while indoors to dark whiole in daylight.

Special Hard Coating

Adds a better durability to the lens.

Lighter & Thinner Aspheric Lens

Gives a more aesthetic look for those high prescriptions.

Polycarbonate Material

It’s made of Polycarbonate material for better safety lens.


Anti-Glare (Reflective)

Blue Shield

Protects and gives comfort while using with electronics

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